Friday, February 11, 2011

Trader Update - data point 11 February 2011-

...Long Term Trending Fed. Liquidity and Foreign Liquidity Inflows remain in high expansion territory

- negative bias on intra-day Liquidity Flows
- decreasing institutional accumulation
- increasing institutional selling action
- leadership stock ratio deflating to a +1.20 advantage to bulls
- institutional 'Core' Holding pushing the sigma 4 level (Bollinger 20 - 4 - 4)

= short term intraday mixed to downside pressure in the market far into today's session, the SPX 500's downside pressure was limited to the first hour to an intraday Low *1316. Subsequently, the index managed a new 52-week High *1329 and appears to be set to head higher towards the 75% retrace of the 2007-2009 Break *1348_*1353 upper channel resistance  on the 6-month weekly trading set-up within the next couple of weeks.

on the flipside, a Close  below *1313 would motivate the market to test the February 2 Low *1300 with potential further downside into the *1275/*1294 key support range as an initial down target

[67.1 % hedged]

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