Thursday, February 10, 2011

Trader Update - data point 10 February 2011 -

...institutional selling ticked higher, while the NYSE algorithm at high level and

...short  - term  liquidity inflow risk high for an intra-day downside Liquidity flow crossover; leadership stock ratio a lower +1.50 advantage to bulls

...institutional 'Core' holding pushing the 4-sigma level (Bollinger 20-4-4)

Note : Long Term Trending Fed. Liquidity and Foreign Liquidity Inflows remain strong in high expansion territory

 [67.1% hedged]

...the SPX500 dived into the Open, violating the August 2008 Peak *1313 briefly with an intraday *1312 and struggles to claw back into positive territory. So far , the market trades undecided. Further upside requires a Close above the February 8 High *1325 to stay on track

... next on the list of possible new highs reads current *1344 upper channel resistance in the hourly trading set-up, closing in fast on  the 75% retrace of the 2007-2009 Break *1348_*1353 upper channel resistance  on the 6-month weekly trading set-up

on the flipside, a Close  below *1313 would motivate the market to test the February 2 Low *1300 with potential further downside into the *1275/*1294 key support range as an initial down target

Note: while the C-RSI 4 is above the C-RSI 9 on the SPX and Nasdaq, the NYSE shows the reverse


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