Monday, February 25, 2013

Trader Update -data point 26 February 2013

...after the 2008 spx500 Low. (2 standard definitions below long running trend), price action now most likely testing the 15-yr long running trend line just above the *1481 level - returning below the line confirmed will introduce some violent down side price moves - watch out!!!!
...on the flip side, hitting past *1530 confirmed, will see new all time highs ahead

Kind Regards

Monday, February 18, 2013

Trader Update -data point 20 February 2013-

...maybe-maybe not the market prepares for an exhaustive, violent up-move to hit against the October 2007 wkly High *1576.09
...however. at this stage, the market definitely not a bargain and risks are very high for a corrective move

Kind Regards

Monday, February 4, 2013

Trader Update -data point 5 February 2013-

...moving along, the index traded past the 7 December 2007 wkly High *1510.63 with yesterday's High *1514.41, on way to take out the wkly 14 December 2007 *1523.57 as the next upside target ahead  - as the market has been trading higher, availability of stocks has declined to the extend that only a pullback can provide the logic for the market - currently testing trend line support *1494_1500 (drawn off the 8 January 2013 Low *1454.63)

 ...long trending Fed. liquidity_institutional investors_foreign liquidity inflows have supported the advance at very high levels and as long as inflow levels remain above support, the market will extend into new all time Highs above the 5 October 2007 wkly High *1576.09

...for the time being,  a sideways correction above the 21-dsma current *1484.54 will improve the availabilty of stock - however improbable, a  decisive break below the 21-dsma would indicate further weakness ahead and challenge the continuation of the current bullish advance

Kind Regards

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Trader Update -data point 21 January 2013-

...past the 21 December 2007 High *1475.83, Friday's *1485.98 and slightly above Thursday's *1485.16 - bullish consensus determined to tackle the 14 December 2007 High *1523.57 ahead

- sweet and while the break in the market continues to prepare, the short term overbought last week correcting to reach out towards the 14 December 2007 High *1523.57 ahead

- however, while the market may continue its bullish ascend towards the *1523 mark, the market is exuberantly complacent  with close to 91% stocks in positive strength

- while inflowing liquidity eats up most selling since November 2012, institutions have been sellers into the trend a result, instead of holding up the basket for more to come securing the harvest for a downpour appears to make sense

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Trader Update -data point 16 January 2013-

SPX 500

...a break for the market in process -in for a bit of protection-

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Trader Update -data point 9 January 2013-

...the SPX500 consolidates below the 2012 *1474.51 Top with the 21 December 2012 High *1444_the 21-dsma current *1433.96 (= the 50% retrace of *1467.94/*1398.11) as attractive immediate short term targets
...a successful defence of the target area will propel the index past the *1474.51 Top with an intermediate *1521 in view
...failing the immediate short term targets signals weakness followed by a test of the 2 January 2013 Low *1426.19 as a minimum

Kind Regards

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Trader Update -data point 3 January 2013-

...WOW...right up for the 2012 TOP test

...following Long Term Trending Fed. Liquidity_Institutional Investors_Foreign Inflows since November 2012, the scary moment happened in a short break of the short term support line - comparing liquidity inflows with institutional buy_sell patterns for the same period, it has become abundantly clear, the Fed QE3 program, like before provides the CASH to not let this market go to waste...well until an unemployment rate of 6.5%

Kind Regards