Monday, July 2, 2012

Trader Update -data point 3 July 2012-

...the market followed through Friday's 29 June 2012 accumulation surpassing the 19 June 2012 interim High *1363.46 with Mondays 2 July 2012 Close *1366.35
...the bullish advance pushed long term trending Fed liquidity_institutional investors_foreign liquidity inflows into low liquidity expansion to resume its uptrend
...institutional net buy-sell up-trending
...the VIX traded below the bullish inspired *18 level and the advance remains save below this line. Since the bullish advance is in its early stages and strength levels are still indicating caution, a VIX Close above 18 would raise a red flag in the market
...based on institutional support, the bullish advance has the potential to move up to the May 2008 peak (current +9.07%) according to the institutional 'Core' holding index - if the index can clear hurdle #3 overhead resistance current 0.77% to 1.08% away

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