Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Trader Update -data point 8 February 2012-

...the 7 February 2012 SPX 500 market pushed higher passed the 21 July 2011 High *1347.00 to close *1347.05 after setting an intraday High *1349.24 - with selling almost non-existent at the intraday High, the immediate attraction is to push higher passed the *1350/*1360 level into the 2 May 2011 *1370.58 Top - although selling at the intraday High was almost non-existent, the Trin: *1.38 tells of careful selling into strength

...charts for thought:
...higher prizes can not be ruled out -nice- 80% portfolio protection in place increasing to 85% in the *1350/*1360 level 

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