Thursday, January 19, 2012

Trader Update -data point 20 Jnauary 2011-

...the bulls in the SPX 500 market traded the index higher into the *1314.50 Close setting an intraday High *1315.49 just short of the 27 July 2011 High *1316.32  - the daily Trin *0.86 stayed with a bullish bias - volume accumulation sightly higher - the bulls now appear to be serious to challenge the 27 July 2011 High *1331.91 with the 21 July 2011 Low *1325.65 a stepping stone in between
...the VIX ventured into bullish territory below *19.63 with an intraday Low *19.45, but still closed *19.87
...the DXYO shows some weakness trading below the 4 October 2011 High *80.43 with a Close *80.41 and an inraday violation *80.21, indicating potential bullish implications for the equity markets

...while Long Term Trending Fed. Liquidity, Institutional Investors, and Foreign Liquidity Inflows are strong, the market is trading into overbought territory - the actual count of very strong stocks current *183 is close to peak levels *188 of the 27 October 2011 Hig h *1292.66 - as a result, 75% fully invested portfolio protection in place *1301 until the bullish advance is confirmed with an expected shake-out into the *1295 support level as a minimum

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