Monday, November 14, 2011

Trader Update -data point 15 November 2011-

...initial strength before the Open (Globex) dissipated - the market opened the SPX 500 session at the 11 November 2011 Close *1263.85 - moderating to an intraday Low *1246.68, slightly above the 10 November High *1246.22 - selling remained subdued throughout the session, but uptick strength suggests mild follow through lower to challenge weekly trendline support current *1233 - expectations are, *1233 will act as a near term floor to motivate another attempt to break above the 200-dsma current *1272.10 in the week ahead

-moderately lower on light flows

-VIX closing *31.13 moderately above Pivot 30.16
-weak strength below C-RSI +5

-growth rate ----FTL(follow the leader/very strong) -stocks improved - still in negative territory

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