Thursday, November 10, 2011

Trader Update _data point 10 November 2011-

...the violation the 3 October 2011 Low *1239 suppport suggests high risk to follow through lower targeting the 28 September 2011 High *1187 - potential to reach lower towards the October 9 2011 *1162 support Low before setting a possible floor if support is successfully defended

...the SPX 500 needs to turn sharply and close positive to avoid damage on the SPX 500 to become much more serious
-daily short term intra-day Liquidity Flows at a low extreme -strength remains positive +1
-institutional index 'Core' holding slightly below H&S neckline support
-VIX needs to back down below 30.16 to avoid more serious trouble

...mixed market condition - fear clashing with corporate earnings expectations positive

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