Thursday, April 7, 2011

Trader Update -data point 7 April 2011-

Trading Environment:
-Institutional selling action _'selling limits' expanded_downtrend 
-SPX 500  'buy' trigger March 25_C-RSI 30 +7.96 strength
-Long Term Trending Fed- and Foreign net- Liquidity Inflows _ 'uptick'_high expansion
-VIX 16.9_below 20 stress level_long-term resistance 32.70_D/Vol inside range_14 New Lows 
-New Lows: 6_below danger 26-zone_below panic zone 50 (+)
-New Highs_potential for new uptrend
-NYSE_(= hft-zone)_positive strength_< C-RSI +5.00
-Leadership stock ratio: +2.68 bullish advantage

Confirming weakness:
-Short term liquidity trend_higher risk for a corrective move
---------------------------------- recommend:

positive_mixed intraday bias with short term liquidity expanded_'sideways' tick
Conservative: hold long position

Today's Session:
  • bullish: > *1322 on track to take out February Peak *1344_view to *1372
  • Close < *1322_consolidating range *1309/*1338
  • Close <*1309_high risk for bearish reversal to *1275 minimum
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