Friday, January 14, 2011

Trader Update -data point 14 January 2011-

...VIX apex: end of February, likely to break-out before, odds: to the upside

...the SPX 500 continues to trade above the January 6 High *1278 extending its break-out further, on track towards  the *1300 Psych Barrier_the August 2008 High *1313_current *1317 upper resistance looming overhead on the 3-mth daily trading set-up far, the VIX holding at 12-month Lows amidst uninspiring market internals

Note: while Fed induced liquidity inflows create a boyant market, institutional selling action is short-term trending up, suggesting selling into market strength

...a sharp pull back is expected in the *1300/*1314 range, tolerating irrational exuberance up to *1344 before hedging a fully invested portfolio to 100% (+)

...shake-out target: *1186

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